Workshop: Introduction to DevOps

DevOps still has no formal definition, so an Introduction has to be a personal view. Rob is an accredited DevOps Foundation instructor, but this workshop will be briefer and take a different perspective than that certification. It presents the core concepts, and what they mean for system, people, practices, and technology, providing models for organising thought around DevOps. It looks at how to determine, deliver and measure value from DevOps-inspired improvements.

DevOps is an idea whose time has come in the IT world. It is sweeping though our community at a startling pace. And yet paradoxically it is a movement which resists codifying itself, making it hard to get a clear understanding of what it is and what it means. Despite widespread international interest and adoption, consensus on DevOps best practice is still emerging, and some areas are fiercely debated. Nevertheless certain fundamentals are clear and the movement rests on well honed principles.

And the results are impressive. Organisations ranging from leading-edge technology "unicorns" to corporate legacy "horses" are seeing acceleration of the time to value as they optimise the flow through IT from concept to production. Potentially DevOps transforms every aspect of the IT organisation from people to practices to tooling, though like any major shift in thinking it can be adopted progressively without radical revolution, implementing aspects that best suit your organisation at this point in time while providing a pole star to aim for in strategy.

This course will look at

  • what Devops is doing for organisations around the world
  • what DevOps is and how it works
  • how it transforms traditional IT thinking
  • what idealised DevOps looks like
  • how to approach it in a typical IT organisation
  • where to find out more

The course will be lecture style with questions and discussion throughout. Bring war stories.

At the end of the course attendees will

  • be familiar with the principles of DevOps
  • realise the foundations on which DevOps is built
  • understand the distinctive jargon of DevOps
  • have some starting points and landmarks for a DevOps journey
  • be aware of some of the pitfalls
  • be enthused to learn more about DevOps

The target audience is

  • IT managers needing to transform for greater IT agility
  • Agile developers wanting to extend your capabilities
  • IT professionals who want to understand the potential impact of DevOps on their own careers (especially if you work in any non-development area of IT)
  • Anyone wondering what this DevOps thing is that everybody seems to be talking about