The agile Manager reading list

Reading list on new ways of managing, taken from our book The agile Manager, and further updated here.

Loosely in descending recommended order for a manager to read them.

Most of us don’t read any more, so go here for video and other online resources.
Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux . Amazon
- Don't miss the Foreword by Ken Wilber
The Age of Agile, Steve Denning . Amazon
Team of Teams, Stanley McChrystal . Amazon
Slack, Tom DeMarco . Amazon
High Output Management, Andrew Grove . Amazon
How Complex Systems Fail, Dr Richard Cook
- brief paper available as downloadable PDF.
Turn the Ship Around, L David Marquet . Amazon
Why Agile Works, Michael De La Maza, David Benz
The Field Guide to Understanding 'Human Error’, Sidney Dekker
Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
The Lean Startup, Eric Ries
Cynefin framework, Dave Snowden
- A website not a book
Toyota Kata, Mike Rother
Start With Why, Simon Sinek
Making Work Visible, Dominica Degrandis
The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande
How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done, ed. Layna Fischer
Lean Enterprise, Humble, Molesky, O’Reilly
Out of the Crisis, J.Edwards Deming
The New Economics, J.Edwards Deming
The Future of Management, Gary Hamel
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni
The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge
Organize for Complexity, Niels Pflaeging
The Goal, Eli Goldratt
Antifragile, Nicholas Taleb
Open Space Technology: A User's Guide, Harrison Owen
Mastering the Unpredictable, Keith Swenson
Joy, Inc., Richard Sheridan
First Break All the Rules, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
Dialogue, William Isaac
The High-Velocity Edge, Dr Steven Spear
Product Development Flow, Don Reinertsen
Freedom from Command and Control, John Seddon
The Systems Bible, John Gall
Plus! The Standard+Case approach, Rob England
Basic Service Management, Rob England