Dr Cherry Vu





Vũ Anh Đào (Cherry Vu) is our Chief Executive Officer, and our lead coach, trainer, and consultant in Vietnam.

Dr. Cherry Vu is an expert on training leaders; and an experienced consultant to government and business on organisational change, change management, and culture change. She has worked and studied in New Zealand, Germany, and Vietnam. She is the founder of the professional body Business Agility Vietnam

She has helped business and public sector organisations develop their change management capabilities. Cherry applies the most practical skills and instruments to optimise their change outcomes with a goal of arming leaders, practitioners, and change agents. Lately she has been immersing in the IT industry, bringing a different perspective to it to help Rob with transformations.

  • DevOps Foundations Certificate (2017)
  • Certified Agile Service Manager (2017)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy, Victoria University of Wellington (2017)
  • Master of Public Management, University of Potsdam, Germany (2009)
  • Bachelor of Law, University of Law, Hanoi, Vietnam (2000)
  • Bachelor of English Language, University of Foreign Languages, Hanoi, Vietnam (1996)
  • Bachelor of Culture, University of Culture, Hanoi, Vietnam (1996)


Having worked for Victoria University of Wellington and the Vietnam National Academy of Public Administration, which is the central training and education institute for Vietnamese public servants, Cherry delivered/facilitated a number of courses related to change management such as:

  • Introduction to change concepts
  • Triggers for change
  • Employee behaviour vs. change (understanding behaviour change challenges, stages of psychological reaction to change, resistance to change)
  • Change implementation plan (identify what need to be done, schedule change activities, rewarding transition behaviours, developing feedback tools and develop an implementation plan)
  • Selecting appropriate change intervention approaches (considering diagnosed issue, level and depth of change, applying models for intervening such as issue-focused approach, human process intervention, techno-structural and economic interventions)
  • Effective helping behaviours (facilitating employee change transitions, five change intervention styles - Jeff Janssen’s Team Captain’s Leadership Manual, change management communication, integrating individual and organisational change, collective learning and knowledge transfer)


Due to her academic qualifications and experience building a number of businesses, Cherry has a reputation for strong leadership coaching skills. She provides one-on-one and group coaching for leaders. She also specialises in helping the leaders to develop their leadership presence and how to become more influential.


Cherry is experienced in providing consulting to clients on Leadership including:

  • Facilitation: Support strategic planning, business planning, problem-solving and decision making
  • Employee engagement: To lift employee engagement, identify the most expected and potential facts of resistance to change and establish strategies and practices for change management to make sure there is consistency in implementing change for every employee and every department in the organisation.
  • Change: Assist leaders to lead change successfully and reform organisational culture.