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Hear us present on the online conference Shine19 on 30th october at 04:00GMT about
Bringing Humanity to Work

Available now! The agile Manager


We discussed agile management on the podcast The ITSM Crowd, July 2018

Dr. Cherry Vu Is running very successful training, workshops, and consulting in VietNam. Together as a team, Rob and Cherry are branded as Teal Unicorn. We are working in Enterprise Agile, the transformation of organisations into New Ways Of Working And Managing.

Check out our discussion series of videos on New Ways"



Rob and Cherry recently presented at

  • Agile in Business Forum, Auckland, November 2019
  • itSMFnz National Conference in May 2019
  • DevOps Enterprise in Las Vegas in November 2018
  • DevOps Enterprise in London in June 2018

and we are in discussions with several other conferences.

Recent Recognition

Rob has been named one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management for 2018.
and one of SunView's Best ITSM Thought Leaders of 2018.

Rob was made a Life Member of itSMFnz in 2017.


Available now! The agile Manager


Two Hills now has seven books published. The latest book Plus! The Standard+Case Approach is an important new idea from Two Hills - getting huge positive response.

Introduction to Real ITSM has an integrated website as does Basic Service Management.
Introduction to Real ITSM has been developed into a workshop, using humour to communicate the importance of cultural change when doing service improvement.
Plus! The Standard+Case Approach is also used as the basis for a workshop, for responders to any situation, e.g. a service desk.
Introduction to Real ITSM has been translated and published in Russian by a Moscow business partner, Cleverics. So has Owning ITIL. Now Basic Service Management is out in Spanish!
Most of the books are now available on Kindle, which is a non-trivial conversion exercise.

More books are under consideration, such as
Basic DevOps,
Basic Service Improvement (a sequel to Basic Service Management),
the OPS4LESS Almanac,
Authenticity: the 21st Century's Lost Cause,
and Real IT - another funny one.

Rob is also a Lead Author of VeriSM - A Service Management Approach for the Digital Age